Pricing/ Dancewear

Registration Fees

  • Yearly Registration Fee $40 - Collected yearly upon registration
  • Costume Rental Fee $25 - Rental fees are charged per class

Tuition Fees

  • Creative Movement - $45/Month
  • Level 1 Classes - $60/Month
  • Level 2 Classes - $70/Month
  • Level 3 Classes - $70/Month


Multi Student Discount - 10%

If you have more than one child registered for dance classes you will get 10% off of your tuition monthly.

Multi Class Discount - 15%

Every even numbered class you take, there will be a 15% discount off that class (2nd class, 4th class...etc)

(This applies to Season Classes ONLY)


JET Dance Dancewear Guide

  • Jazz: Leotard, Brown Tights, Black Jazz shoes, Hair must be up and out of face
  • Tap: Leotard, Brown Tights, Black Tap shoes, (Junior Girls must purchase the strap Tap shoes, boys and Level 1,2,&3 must purchase the slip ons), Hair must be up and out of face
  • Ballet: Leotard, Pink Tights, Ballet slippers (Pink for girls, Black for boys), Hair MUST be in a BUN
  • Acro: Leotard (No tights or shoes in this class!), Hair MUST be BRAIDED
  • Hip Hop: Anything loose and comfortable, Hair must be up and out of face
  • Lyrical: Leotard, Lyrical shoes or foot undies, Hair must be up and out of face
  • Contemporary: Leotard (No tights or shoes for this class!), Hair must be up and out of face
  • Boys: White tshirt or tank top and black pants or shorts for all classes except hip hop. If hair is long it must be up and put of face.


Size Guide:

XSC - 3-5T

SC - 6/6X

IC - 7/8

MC - 10/12

LC - 14

XLC - 16/18

XSA - 0/2

SA - 4/6

MA - 8/10

LA - 12/14

XLA - 16/18

XXLA - 20